Definition of Whole System Coaching/ What Whole Systems Coaches Do

Here you have the definition for Systems Coaching and what systems coaching is about as a whole. This is a very informative and insteresting entry.

Whole School/ Whole System Coaching


I.               A Definition of “Whole System” Coaching

In order to define “whole system coaching,” we must first define “system.”  A system can be defined as the dynamic interplay of structures, processes, and beliefs/values/assumptions that reinforce each other through feedback to make certain things happen (and keep others from happening) as a routine part of the work of a school and/or district.  “System,” as referred to here, includes those aspects “above the green line” (structure, pattern, process) and those “below the green line” (information, relationship, identity), as defined in the “Six Circle Model.”* A “Whole System” coach works in the following ways with such systems (no matter where that coach is situated in the system):

1.    Point of View:  The coach focuses on building the capacity of the client to operate and act within and upon a larger system

, and sees the client’s development in terms of how it can be leveraged…

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