John Seddon is not systems thinking

Is he a systems thinking or is he not?
Let’s find out!


Truth or Lie?
Read on to find out…

One of the cool things about WordPress is that you can see what people have entered into search engines that pointed them to your blog. Some people find mine through phrases such as “John Seddon is not systems thinking“, a subject I have not previously addressed but now will due to the interesting wording of that phrase. Thanks anonymous googlers!

I think this oddly constructed phrase can be taken a number of ways. Is it to be taken as John Seddon is not systems thinking right now, as he is having a few moments time off the old systems thinking because perhaps he is smoking a fag/walking the dog/choosing a new tie? Or perhaps it is more a statement of a position, like a proper noun cannot be an abstract noun. John Seddon is not systems thinking, just as Bruce…

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