Some thought and minsets.

thoughts on faith and God (mostly had while running)

What is your mindset about the challenges that you face in your job, in relationships, in personal growth, in spirituality? Researcher, Carol Dweck, identified two mindsets that lead to different outcomes when we encounter adversity. One is a fixed-mindset in which we attribute our successes and failures to innate talent (smarts, athleticism, charisma). The other is mindset is a growth-mindset in which we give more weight to practice, learning, and hard work. Children she identified who had a fixed-mindset when when they failed in a task attributed it to them not having enough talent. Fixed -mindset children would not persevere towards a goal but stopped. Those with a growth-mindset did not see failure as a reason to stop but continued to employ different strategies, worked harder in order to complete the task. Matthew Syed cites Dweck’s research in his book Bounce and gives more examples especially in the field of…

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