Systems Thinking Applied: The Household Production of Health

Another application for Systems Thinking is Household Production of Health. There is a need for such perspective and important results can be achieved.

Systems Thinking for Capacity in Health

This Blog Post is Based on a Series of 4 Lectures by Dr. Henry Mosley, Emeritus Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Click here to see and hear Dr. Mosley’s Lectures in full.

In the past century, we have made great strides in public health. New treatments and cures are constantly being discovered, and many lives have been saved due to this progress and innovation. However, we still see many inequities and inefficiencies in our health systems, and millions die each year of curable diseases. Despite magnificent discoveries and improvements, we can do much better in providing health worldwide. The way that we currently deliver health is inefficient and inequitable.  Transformational change is needed.

The Need for Systems Thinking

To address the need for transformational change, we strongly believe systems thinking provides a lens to recognize and apply a new paradigm in health. Systems thinking is…

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