Systems Thinking vs. Reflexivity – Why Human Being Is More Intelligent than Thermostat

A fascinating entry which is full of phrases – and content – worth reading.

Fractal Sauna

In my Wu Wei Coaching approach I have learned to place great emphasis on reflexivity. The reason for this is that experts don’t really follow rules and frameworks but instead they have to use practical judgment in particular situations. This use of practical judgement, the expertise, is developed in reflexive processes.

You could say that in dominant way of thinking the approach of leader, organizational developer or coach is based on cybernetics / systems thinking. First the targets are defined, then some measuring devices are established to give feedback of the situation. If the feedback measures aren’t within the specified range then some interventions are designed to move those there. The problem for the manager/OD expert becomes then to ensure that not only the measures, but also the thing that is measured is within the specific range. This is where leaders might use coaches, consultants or other professionals to…

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