Understanding Targets (For the Under 10s)

If Sticky Child can understand this…

So can you!


Stick Child 1This is Stick Child.

Stick Child is just nine years old. Awww.

Stick Child wants to understand about targets, so he plays a game…

Stick Child likes paper planes, so he sets himself a target of making one in 60 seconds. How did he get this number? Well, he invented it in his head because it sounds nice. This is also how grown-ups decide targets.

Now, poor little Stick Child tried his hardest, but he just couldn’t make a paper plane in less than 85 seconds. This made him very sad.

Stick Child 2When his Grandma asked him if he had been able to make one in less than 60 seconds, he did a naughty thing and told her that he had managed to do it, even though this wasn’t true. Afterwards, Stick Child realised this wasn’t the right thing to do and felt bad.

Later on, Stick Child’s Daddy asked him why he looked so…

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